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When contemplating dental treatment, the average person is reluctant to step into a dental practice, feeling that there is some vagueness and ambiguity as to pricing and end up phoning around to get an idea of what the cost is likely to be. We understand that it is important to know what the costs are likely to be so this can be anticipated and provided for in the monthly budget. With this in mind, we have introduced a new concept, with transparency at the core of our practices so there should be no unexpected surprises when the account is presented. Set prices will be displayed on a menu card, on the website and on the shop front for the areas we cover
  • Basic dentist
  • Dentist with Special Interest
  • Specialist at some sites
Of course there may be occasions when more may be required than the client originally thought but the frequency of this occurring can be minimised with our pricing structure which will be uniform throughout the practice and across all our practices.