Dental Implants

dental implantsA dental implant is synthetic tooth root, made up of titanium, which is positioned into the jawbone of the missing tooth. Later, a crown or bridge is placed upon this plant to fill in the space vacated by the lost tooth. They are a far better option than dentures, and can be used to replace a single tooth or a set of missing teeth. Implants are permanently fixed into the jawbone, therefore, it gives patients the confidence to eat whatever they feel like without the fear of implant slipping away from its position. Dental implant procedure is accomplished over a series of months. During the initial months, implant is placed into the jawbone – it is left to heal for a time span of 3-6 months. After the healing time period, replacement tooth (reflecting the structure of the original, missing tooth) is prepared and fitted in place. Once the implants have been secured in their place, good oral hygiene shall be practiced by the patient, undergoing this procedure, to make sure the implants last longer. It is concluded that dental implants are a remarkable and durable procedure to replace missing tooth/teeth. Their final result looks and feels like a natural tooth. They let the patient smile with poise, without the fear of implant showing.